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Estate planning - when should I start?

Having a will doesn’t seem that important when you’re caught up with the business of living. But like getting a job, owning a home or having kids, getting your estate plan sorted is really just...

Are you a money pushover?

If you’re spending more than you need to because you can’t say no, then it could be time to own up to being a money pushover.    Looking for more tips to get more out of your finances?...

One income or two?

For singles and couples, with or without children, budgeting for all your household expenses is easier when you take steps to manage your money in a different way.   If you need any further...

Dealing with redundancy

How you spend your time and money after redundancy can make a difference to your future career and well being. Find out how to plan for your best outcome.   If you are in need of further advice, ...

How much do you need to be financially free?

How much do you need to feel financially free?   NAB has put a dollar figure on the magic number Australians think they need to "significantly improve their lives forever."   The average...

Want to help your kids buy property?

The real estate market can be touch for young adults, but as parents you may be able to lend a helping hand. We will tell you how.   Download PDF

The Psychology of Money

Financial stress is a major issue for many Australians. Financial planning professionals are well placed to help them deal with the causes, with the benefits of advice extending well beyond just...

Your money goals and how to reach them

It’s easy to have big ideas about your financial future, but harder to achieve them. Here are some tips on how to develop your financial goals in a way that makes them more...